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Courses on Christian Faith


For many years, the Didaskaleion Centre of Torino has offered - for free - a structured and rigorous packet of courses meant to deepen one’s knowledge of Christian Religion. The didactical offer encompasses both genuinely theological subjects and cultural and historical approaches.

The school’s methodology was devised and developed by Rev. Piero Ottaviano during the course of his whole life, and it’s still scrupulously followed by the teachers he himself formed. Over the years, the Center’s courses have benefited more than 35000 students.

Below, we list the various didactical proposals which historically have been activated. For any information, please contact the Centre.

1. Christianity – Synthesis (two years)

This course is a deep and rigorous study of Christian Religion, re-analyzed "from scratch".
It’s meant for students whose minimum age is 16, be them Christians or not, which desire to “see clearly” through Christian Religion and eventually chose whether to accept it and live it, or not.

This “basic” course is capital, and propedeutic for any other course of the Centre.

Duration: usually two years, attended on a weekly basis:

  • the first year sets the basis of Christian Faith, dealing - with the support of documents - the Founding of Christianity, the Act of Faith, Christian life, the Sacraments;
  • the second year provides a complete overview of any other aspect of Christian faith: christology, Trinity, Creation, the "problem of evil", anthropology, escatology (difficult names for not-so-difficult concepts!).

PLEASE NOTE: This biennal course is fundamental and necessary to get access to any other courses of Didaskaleion Centre.

2. Advanced Courses

    • Old Testament - single course
    • Monographic courses on the New Testament:
      • The Synoptic Gospels
      • The Gospel of Saint John
      • The Book of Apocalypse
      • The Christian origins
      • The Acts of the Apostles
      • The Letters of Saint Paul
      • The Catholic Epistles
      • The Epistle to the Hebrews
    • The Holy Sacraments
    • Christology
    • The Revelation
    • The Holy Trinity
    • Creation - the problem of existence of evil ("unde malum?")
    • Christian Cosmology
    • Christian Anthropology
    • Escatology
    • The "original sin"
    • The Apostolic Fathers
    • Saint Augustine of Hippo and the "Confessions"

3. Complementary services

The following services have been provided for a long span of years, until the passing away of Rev. Piero Ottaviano:

  • Spiritual retreat
  • Guided tours to churches in Torino
  • Religious consultancy (by phone or email)
  • Travels and pilgrimages (cheap and "basic")


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